Hudson’s Story

Hudson Townsend's Story

Hudson was born with a rare disorder known as Congenital Femoral Deficiency, stunting his left leg at five inches shorter than his right. After numerous unsuccessful surgeries in California since birth to correct his condition, Hudson, now 19yrs. old will be having another lengthening surgery. Due to Covid 19, Hudson’s surgery that was scheduled for June 2020, had to be postponed until this year. There always is at least a year waiting period between surgeries to allow all of he’s ligaments, muscles, and bones to solidify and be able to handle the trauma of his next surgery. Hudson next surgery is scheduled at the famed Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida on May 25, 2021

The journey has been long for both Hudson and his mom Lisa. Physicians in the Orange County area informed Lisa that the best scenario for Hudson at a young age was to amputate his left leg. Not accepting this conclusion, Lisa fought long and hard with the insurance company to give Hudson a chance of an active normal life. After years of court battles, they were granted the approval to have Hudson’s future surgeries at Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute. Hudson began this journey in December 2013, with Dr. Dror Paley, who is internationally renowned for his approach to limb lengthening. With four successful surgeries, Dr. Paley, was able to lengthen Hudson’s leg a total of 17 centimeters. Hudson spent several months doing intense physical therapy so he could regain normal range of motion and muscle mass. This all can be very challenging for him at times, but he always looks at the positive side and the final outcome.

Insurance and State funding cover some of the costs, but nowhere near enough. Lisa, a single parent, must take a leave of absence from her job during each surgery in order to care for Hudson. Every surgery is difficult, with a recovery and rehabilitation period of up to a year. Travel expenses to Florida and monthly expenses in California continue during Hudson's four-month rehabilitation in Florida.

There is still a long road ahead for Hudson, but with every surgery he is that much closer to WALKING TALLER!!

Your generous participation in this tournament will help Hudson cover expenses for the surgery and rehabilitation.

Let’s help Hudson reach his goal!!